The Course

Well the course is as beautiful as ever, the Greens have never been better,
and I am certain that after our recent Big hollowtyne they will be top notch
again in a few weeks. Of course the ongoing drought in our region is
always cause for concern, but the Good Lord has been sending us a few great
downpours recently. A few course dams are still empty and we can only hope
that current weather conditions improve soon.

You have all heard this before, but we will be paying extra attention to our
Bunkers and Tee boxes. I have raised it at the main Committee meeting too.
The bunker soil we would like to have comes from Mossel Bay at an enormous
transport cost. Until, and if we could afford this, we have to make every
effort to improve the consistency in what we have. Our Green keeper has
supplied two specialist Bunker staff whom we are spending time with,
explaining Golfers gripes, and explaining what we expect.

As you read this letter some of our poor conditioned Tee boxes are being
levelled and top dressed, in order to get them to our expected condition.

The new Practice net is up and running next to the first Tee. Final
touches will be completed in the next few days. I have approached the Pro
shop regarding the possibility of setting up some sort of deal, whereby we
can purchase balls, hit them and leave them. Hopefully I can give you more
info in the next news letter.

2017.11.17 plettcc fairways (2)

This is the view down the 18th green currently enjoyed by the members and visiting swallows, we look forward to welcoming all our seasonal visitors.  Please ensure you have made your advance tee time reservations for this period.

2017.07 logo


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