From the General Manager’s Desk

2017.11.17 plettcc the courseAs we gear up for the hectic period I trust all the members who do book for the season have sent in their booking sheets. We will be sending out confirmations of the bookings 2nd week of November so if you have not heard anything by then please contact Lani at or 044 533 2132

The AGM has come and gone and for those that were there my thanks, it seems strange that needing a quorum of only 40 members we actually had to phone a few members who live nearby and ask them to come in to make up the numbers.

The committee members remain the same these being; John Lloyd was treasurer and now the chairman, Howard Garmany, was chairman and now treasurer, Basil Smith, Daron Smit and Richard Schulz. Rodney Gray came in as new Club Captain, Barbi May as ladies captain, Roger Wright as bowls captain and Carrie Maclean remains as tennis captain

Members Club Night jackpot cartoon

The social evening has not been well supported the past few draws but the jackpot is growing so we do expect better attendance in the coming months. Next evening is Thursday 23rd November and jackpot will be at R6000



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