New Additions

New Additions

2017.06 grounds ventrac rough mower
ventral rough mower

As our committee member in charge of course machinery Basil Smith always says, a golf course is only as good as the machinery and equipment used to maintain it. The club has been very pro-active in having best possible machinery available to us and maintaining the machines in best possible condition. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of Darius and Kobus, our 2 mechanics, our machines are kept in tip-top shape and the expected life span of all the machines have been extended by at least 2 years and in the case of our rough mower by 5 years, but these machines can only be maintained for so long before needing replacement so we have now purchased a new style rough mower called a Ventrac, which is a very versatile machine and has many more capabilities than only rough mowing if so required, we have also taken the step of moving away from Toro when replacing our greens and fairway mowers and have now purchased 1 of each from a Japanese company called Baroness. They have been in the turf business for sometime but have never exported until now mainly due to the fact that they could not keep up with demand from the Japanese market. The main feature of the greens mower is that the blades are cable driven and not hydraulic so the chance of oil spills on the greens is negligible.

To prevent any heart attacks or worse in our members we have decided not to publish the price of the units but with the green fee and F&B income generated over the season period we were in a position to pay cash for the machines and still keep our subs increase below 6%

MPC_Newspaper 2017.05.jpg



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