from the Manager’s Desk (Mar’17)


From the General Manager’s Desk

I would like to start with an apology to all our members and readers for such a long delay since our last post but now that I have “outsourced” this area there will be regular monthly news posts and possible inbetweeners where necessary.  To ensure you don’t miss a thing, members will receive by email a monthly newsletter with the highlights and links to the articles posted during that month.

We are coming to the end of the prolonged season period and I must thank the members for their patience during this period, those that took advantage of the extended booking facility enjoyed the usual rounds of golf played during this time but it seems there were a number of members who did not take advantage and found it difficult to get a game as we were fully booked until 16h00 on most days. I urge everybody to make use of our online booking system and ensure your tee time.

Members Club Night jackpot cartoon

The social evening has not been very well attended the last 2 months, maybe because the jackpot was won in November but if there are any comments about the evening please let us know.

Next evening is Thursday 23rd March 2017, see you there

Golf2016 newsletter (aug) course maintenance

The course has held up fantastically over the busy period and even though we are experiencing a drought the Tee’s, Greens and even the fairways are still looking great so congratulations to Dave Porrill and his team for effort and dedication. Amazingly over the entire period only 1 of the staff tasked with hand-watering the greens during the day was hit by an errant golf ball while waiting for golfers to play and this as they were parked under the trees next to the 8th green


As you all may have noticed our troop of baboons have been on the course most days and there are a number of areas where they sit and pull up the grass roots but remember we do have a local rule permitting a free drop from baboon scratching’s through the green.  The baboons have never been antagonistic or threatening in any way but I have received reports of members chasing them with their golf carts and even shooting them with catapults. We ask that these members please refrain from these actions and if you find the baboons are in your way you only have to drive towards them slowly clapping your hands and they do move away.




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