From the Manager’s Desk

We seem to be flying through the year, already past the half way mark yet it seems we have only just got over the season rush.

You will have seen on the notice boards that the annual general meetings are coming up, ladies golf AGM Tuesday 6th September, the Golf AGM Thursday 8th September and pending the release of the audited financial statements the main AGM is planned for 29th September. Please check the notice board for further details as well as nomination forms for the various portfolio’s.

The annual hollow-tine program is scheduled for last few days of August but as the weather has to be nearly perfect for this there may be some delays, if there any changes to the schedule members will be informed via e mail.

Members Club Night

No winners for the past couple of months so R5500 up for grabs on Thursday 25th August. We are looking at “jacking up” the social evening so if there are any ideas or comments out there please let us know


The rounds below are the annual totals

Rounds Comparison for the year June to July

April               2013/2014       2014/2015       2015/2016

Members         24454              23672              24223

Visitors            14122               13431              14998

Total                38576              37103              39221

Our target this year is to break the 40000 total



We have sent out the season booking sheets so please complete as soon as possible and return, if you have not received the sheets yet please contact Deirdre at or call 044 5332132

Just a reminder to all members that the subscriptions were due 01 July 2016 and the club has to settle the Handicap Card charges at the end of Aug therefore members who have not yet settled their subscriptions will be made inactive on the handicap profile.  To reinstate the profile will incur an administration fee.

2016 ED3 (aug2016) live


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