News from the Bowls Section (Aug 2016)

symbol newsletter bowlsSome beautiful days have seen the bowlers out and enjoying the game.  Following the AGM our new committee comprises:

President:  John Swinley,

Secretary:  Colleen Shuttleworth

Competition Secretary:  Karin Mathies. They are to be ably assisted by members offering their help in various capacities as need arises.  We wish them well and thank Corrie Nel, outgoing President and his committee for several years of cheerful commitment and service to the club

Competition held in July:

Sea Horse:  Won by Dickson Russell, followed by Denise Hugo and third Vic Davis

BI Competition:  A four way tie between Jean Korck, Fred Broderick, Andre Ebersohn and Vic Davis  Congratulations to all.

Two teams have been selected to play in the Ladies Mini League starting in August and continuing through September. Our Club is organizing the league this year so Nita Davis and Di Faragher Thomas will have a busy few weeks.

Coaching takes place at the club on Fridays at 9.00 a.m. All welcome. Only needing to wear flat soled shoes. Contact Rob Windsor  044 533 9139 or Roger Wright  044 533 3528

Events in August : 

20/08/2016 – BI Competition  

25/08/2016 – Personal Trust Sponsored Day    




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