Manager’s Desk (May 2016)

Welcome to the new look club newsletter, the original letter was cumbersome and very time consuming to put together and to send out to the members. This new format together with the ongoing upgrade to our club website will hopefully bring us into more regular contact with you as well as reaching the members who were not able to receive the previous newsletters. A huge thank you to Deirdre Booyzen who has through her own efforts managed to put this together for us.


Members Club Night 2 winners in 2 draws2016 FB course 11th
Congratulations to Chris Parvin was present to win the Jackpot prize of R4000 for the 47th draw and defying the odds of having 2 winners in 2 months.

May’s draw was held on Thursday 26th May which was a roll over, next draw has been scheduled for the 23 June.


Golf Rounds

Rounds Comparison

April               2015                2016

Members         1881                1931

Visitors            870                 682

2751                2613

Sad to see a reduction but with Easter falling in March it was to be expected

Please remember if you have anything of interest you would like to include please contact Deirdre at



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